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King Parkview Hotel Beijing is located in the center of Beijing, near the Forbidden City, Jingshan Park, Beihai Park, Bell and Drum Towers, Shichahai, "May Fourth" Street, Beida Honglou and Huangchenggen Relics Park; walk for 10 minutes through Huangchenggen Relics Park You can reach the bustling Beijing Wangfujing Pedestrian Street. The unique geographical advantage allows guests to enjoy the convenience of travel.

King Parkview Hotel Beijing has an independent courtyard, which is a characteristic hotel with profound cultural heritage. In the hotel, there are city-level cultural relics such as the former Hejia Princess Mansion in the Qianlong period and the architectural relics of the Beijing Normal University Hall (formerly the Department of Mathematics of Peking University).

Hotel rooms are fully equipped. All rooms can be connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. Hot and cold water, air conditioning, satellite TV, and other essential amenities are also available. The fine Chinese restaurant offers you traditional Beijing flavors and authentic Shandong cuisine.

At the same time, the hotel has more than 10 conference rooms, which can host various conferences and training activities. The strict and professional management team allows you to enjoy a comfortable life while feeling warm and thoughtful and meticulous service.
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  • p1968
    Hotel accommodation in overall satisfaction, the environment elegant, dinner at the entrance, snack bar a lot. Palace in close proximity, the bus a bit inconvenient, others are very good.
  • ogawa217jp
    Very good location, very clean, health, traffic is very convenient, service attitude, the room was spacious and very clean, shower hot water well. overall satisfaction, needs will continue to stay in the future.
  • digeaini
    A few minutes ' walk to the forbidden city, the Shenwu Gate, has no nearby Metro, bus, and passengers have less. breakfast is served in the terrace on the fifth floor, Jingshan, White Tower is on the horizon.
  • sm3658
    Home Tours are situated next to the restaurant, so that Alley is very lively during the day, but without prejudice to the hotel at night who didn't, really quiet ... ...
  • omega2046
    Environment, there is no wireless network.
  • a1365
    This lovely, very clean, in the alley, not noisy, very quiet, at the East Gate of the forbidden city. in Beijing spend little money to such a level has been very good, and a lot of foreigner!
  • e02371576
    Good, very good. store prices around a little price.
  • caliling
    This hotel is very good, all foreigners, it can also clean, for this price in Jingshan Park, the back, and really good. Also very quiet in the hotel before, Princess House, a large, Green good, very much like. 2 rooms for 3 nights, very good ... will stay again.
  • desperdo
    Very clean, nice!
  • buyglee
    The environment is good
  • scx2010
    Second stay, very good
  • crystalgan
    This was considered good in the vicinity of the hotel. toilets are somewhat older. around many breakfast restaurants, qingfeng buns Museum walk hundreds of meters to. many tours in the dinner,
  • @ABA@
    Hotels in the city center, but in an alley, and went out to take a taxi or take a bus, a little way to go, far away from the Metro station, but nice, very quiet,
  • Teargas
    Hotel is located in the city centre, very quiet and very clean and warm service
  • guo6842188
    Help MOM book, the evaluation is good, very good location.
  • amotey1
    Surrounded by the Palace and Park, very convenient, hotel courtyard is the former Department of mathematics of Peking University building, great rhyme; unfortunately the entrance alleys are too narrow, driving hard. Room was small, but very clean and comfortable, but poor sound insulation. foreigners who live around, up to 10 points down, at 6 in the morning the Hall sound. 129 of the curtain is the main entrance of the hotel parking, embarrassing the view. Overall experience is good, next timeChoose this.
  • E00076364
    Room-free WiFi
  • ggang
    Environment can be, is the old school of Peking University, itself is an attraction. facility slightly old, can also accept double room a little small, Deluxe can also.
  • coolangel
    Overall I feel pretty good! recommended, travel, go out and sell to eat!
  • demi8023
    Again to select here, very nice hotel, buried deep in the lane, and a lot of flavor, excellent location, convenient is near the attractions were celebrities, mistakenly hit by mistake, I was lucky.
  • lmtboxer
    Hotel location is very good, is no WiFi in the room, only in the Hall.
  • pfpfpf
    Hotel is located in the Beijing area, adjacent to the forbidden city, Jingshan, Beihai scenic area, very convenient.
  • blue_ants
    Hotel is located in the city centre, in a quiet.
  • m00838375
    Was admitted for the second time, for the first time are inadvertently online see Wangfujing, the forbidden city is very close to not disappoint after heating well after will come again ~!
  • Becton
    Good location in Jingshan Park, on the edge, not far from the forbidden city export, next to the attractions. the room is OK, but would not let three people, it is difficult to accept!
  • e00410692
    This is a very "tired" hotel. If you want to sightsee the Forbidden palace then location wise its great. It is well off the main road and very quiet.
  • lee4ever
    This hotel is said to be the original North site alterations, the location was excellent, just behind the East Gate of Jingshan Park, the forbidden city, Qianmen, Tiananmen Square is quite close, toilet facilities in the hotel is too old, Washbasin with countertop one centimeters away.
  • iceolive78
    Good location, quiet.
  • bingfeng9172389
    Service was very good, the traffic is very convenient, nice, next time I go to live here
  • treeicnliu
    Hotel was very convenient, away from Tiananmen Square and Wangfujing Street are very close, just a few stops, heating is also very powerful.
  • OldPeters
    Third floor did not know what the smell is very big, but surrounded by a lot of fruit to sell, and three meals a day is easy
  • bingo0727
    Environment is not bad! is the room where we live quite far! Wi-Fi has been jumping off! hotel right next to the restaurant, snack bar or something! out there so the bus is very convenient! almost 20 minutes farther around the forbidden city! is Jingshan Park behind the forbidden city! Jingshan Park, just a few more steps to the hotel!! whole convenient! right next to the attractions! is still very satisfied with the
  • E05981033
    Good location, convenient, room good health, bathing water, Super, good good good.
  • ljl0619
    Good location hotel. winter heat very hot, need to open the window.
  • cjw099
    Tomb-sweeping day holiday alone to Beijing tourism, during days are live in this hotel inside, facilities somewhat old, but environment also good, hotel building zhiqian is a by school, so looks is has culture breath, away from Jingshan Park also is near, to Jingshan Park see Palace panorama is convenient, around traffic also also is convenient, hotel room bath hot also also can, room broadband speed also is fast, is TV picture are is snowflake, see has three days of snowflake picture, General also line, yihouWill to live.
  • lodey
    Total of four nights, and was near the subway is not convenient, but there are buses can also. location, near Jingshan Park, the National Palace Museum ... There is not WiFi, signal strength is poor!
  • lixin0107
    Good surroundings, convenient transportation, food and drink fun!
  • lvxiang2009
    Very good location, many foreigners!
  • e00719581
  • e00157155
    Good location, distance from subway, but surrounded by public transport is very convenient, the forbidden city, Jingshan, Beihai, very close to places such as shichahai, many foreigners stay and last day to know itself this is capital University site
  • liyan01
    There's no wireless network
  • baoxiaofeng5439
    Overall good
  • miss121
    Overall score 1. quilt colors have faded out of the room, health will not see garbage, clerk blunt does not communicate a standoffish, room fine is not in place, only one point is the location is very convenient, is surrounded by the scenic spot, back-street snacks as well.
  • jedgu
    Good location, the surrounding environment is good, but the room is too small
  • jtc_2287
    Except there is no wireless this is a very good car very convenient next to the scenic Hotel many foreigners is great
  • bbc02
    Very nice is the room a little odor. a little moldy
  • angel502118
    Hotel is located next to the forbidden city, really close, and is the site of the teaching building of North, culture is very strong, but at a slightly far from the tube, buses, two stops to the subway, it's OK. Room slightly small, slightly smaller, for with the child, if there is one large and one small bed room would be better, because it was set up earlier because of it, Imperial Academy, and has its own garden, five top overlooking the white pagoda in Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, very beautiful. Service very good, kids night fever, the servicerSent the thermometer, very considerate. Gate is a small market, slightly chaotic. but the hotel was very quiet in the night is quiet. Most of the customers were foreigners. Overall very good, next time you go to Beijing, the hotel is one of the key choice.
  • panyide
    Very good, especially the room warm
  • swmy9
    Very good
  • nasda
    Stay a few days ago, a woman like pigs, expel us, because without reservation the next day room, very bad attitude! urged sacked this bad employee!