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Located in downtown Beijing,  the King Parkview Hotel (Huayu Binguan) offers guests easy access to the Forbidden City,  Beijing Drum Tower (Gulou),  Jingshan Park and Beihai Park. The Popular Wangfujing pedestrian street is just a ten-minute walk away.
The on-site Chinese restaurant specializes in delicious Beijing and Shandong dishes. In addition,  roasted ducks are guests' favorite.

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住客评论 459条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • davy502
    Aunt every day to clean the room, praise!
  • liu877109
    Very good, very good, close to Jingshan Park, the forbidden city, Tiananmen Square, good location, clean hotel!
  • ivanfung84
    Every time he comes to Beijing will live, a Word, nice!
  • Sylvr
    Hotel is great, health conditions are very good, because with a baby, offers to change room, girl at the front desk to apply for the next, quickly said yes, the hotel was excellent, Super near from Jingshan Park, shichahai, Houhai slip past ... Public transport is more convenient, it tube slightly away ... Walk five minutes to the Imperial Palace Hotel ... Around food is also very convenient, next time you come to Beijing and will stay ... To the hotel front desk staff 32 praise, thank you upon check outBaby care!
    Hotel is located in the beach opposite the East Gate of Jingshan Park Street, leaving bus station, relatively easy. There are many tour groups during the day, quiet at night. room facilities, hot water too fast, and small refrigerators, pillow is not comfortable.
  • e00075866
    Overall good, is staying at a foreigner sitting in the hallway the other day, startled.
  • dy136
    Hotel is located in Jingshan Park East near, away from Palace North door not far, around bus convenient, but away from Metro more far. due to main attractions are in near, so also is convenient of, taxi words drops drops about are can get. we set of big bed room, hotel no big bed standard between on free upgrade into duplex big bed room, although hotel facilities somewhat old, but also is clean.
  • aitiantian
    Very good, good service.
  • lj2201
    Also there is no WiFi network is not easy
  • ccll12
    Had set hotel see has long, this really good, first from Palace out go not to hundreds of meters is has, place quiet also find, room is clean neatly, configuration also complete, window is comfortable, pillow actually has buckwheat skin of, too good has, overall is praise, waiter professional attitude good, I and mother live of is happy, recommended resident. near foreigners is more, no Metro, but has bus can went straight to the drum Street.
  • e05855888
    Bad service, check-in an hour, checking out for half an hour, location near the Imperial Palace backdoor, Metro station, bad sanitation, poor toilet
  • ading666
    Cost-effective, nearly choice
    Said the hotel room can say is General, but room is small, since I lived in Beijing for two days before another hotels much worse, but traffic around the area of what is really very convenient, if travel is recommended if staying
  • jinger2007
    Hotel Nice alarm clock turned, very close to the forbidden city very convenient! buy breakfast is also very good!
  • fenta
    Which is very nice
  • deitylau
    Second stay, next to Jingshan Park, not far from the Palace, that is a bit far from Metro station, Beach Road West is the nearest bus stop, because it is a foreign-related hotels, attractions and itself is an old building, very quiet and safe, highly recommended!
  • e02138347
    Location good, near the forbidden city. diet easier, snack well. taxi is not easy, go to Beijing high-speed taxi difficult. the hotel is a bit old.
  • littlepig524
    Friendly, convenient, several are within walking distance to the city center you will find.
  • badangel
    Hotel location have no say, next to Jingshan Park, not far from the Wangfujing Street and South Gong and drum Lane, the hotel has its own car park, self-driving tour very well parking. room decoration is very general, it's opposite the Beach Hotel great room is to make a bed, bath towels are not changed.
  • wjwj227
    Luxury between only in North 1 floor, first times live hotel a floor (except holiday villa), but near Palace and Jingshan is security and security is good of area, hotel also said very security. is quiet, breakfast very general, out can attempts to authentic of Beijing earlier. to go to on both sides of road Shang is opportunities called to rental. near alley, can rent rickshaw tour, but price not cheap, to 180 yuan.
  • alvexue
    All right
  • lingyang0307
    Rooms are small, slightly older facilities, but clean up clean, WiFi available, good.
  • atomworld
    Great location ... hotel
  • bmiww
    Great location, at the East Gate of Jingshan Park, the forbidden city, Beihai, Houhai and other attractions are very close, but the hotel facilities some old, service was good
  • cxlfl
    Location very good, went to Tiananmen Square, the forbidden city, Jingshan Park, Wangfujing Street are very close, within walking distance
  • ellacc
    Well, friend book, friends better evaluation.
  • bigiwang
    In Beijing is a very cost-effective clean and comfortable although small but very comfortable to live many foreigners
  • e03561798
    Very convenient location, quiet.
  • Alice_To
    Environment, service, health is very good, it is worth staying! transport facilities, convenient travel!
  • cdj1005
    Really good in that area, the price is really cheap, environment and travel very convenient! next time to go to Beijing or live!
  • greennew
    Hotel Star and nothing
  • aiaifly
    So much better than I thought Ah! so cheap the Royal Park Hotel is not very good. absolute centre of Beijing, next to Jingshan Park, the forbidden city, Beihai Park, convenient, stick-Dah!
  • E01041037
    This with dad mom holiday in this hotel live of time most long, live has seven late. first said traffic's, is not Metro mouth, but sat bus is convenient, tour finished Palace soon on can walk back hotel (Palace only South into North out), sooner or later can to Jingshan Park as dawn or sunset Xia of forbidden city, hotel around is has old Beijing features alley, like walk of passenger is good of select. say around environment, is alarm clock take static, staying of foreign guests many, no batch of tours. Hotel is old building, so housing space high, not suppressed. Although facilities not new, but general clean, special pillow also is buckwheat pillow. around buy fruit and dinner are is convenient, especially out hotel left side not distance has home Chongqing people open of Shu HIV/AIDS Hunan taste of in the restaurant taste good. out hotel right hand side is Chengdu standing Beijing do (Shu are hotel), hotel within of restaurant foreign business, wants to eat Sichuan of also convenient. but worth note of is, if extended part-time check out, price to doorMarket value is, not to online prices.
  • barrysue
    Close to attractions, breakfast out the snack shop was alley a bit more complex, but really quite convenient, as foreigners although the WiFi not with comments
  • e01042511
  • e03605726
    Hotel location is very good, in the East Gate of Jingshan Park, very convenient. General hotel facilities, towels are very old and very hard, toilet row style is not good, there was a taste. overall is OK, Nice.
  • xinie
    Very satisfied, clean the room every day, 11 children go out to play, live in comfortable, in an alley in the hotel, in a quiet, very good location, bus line a lot, go Metro stops, is close to the attractions, like, went to Beijing to live after this
  • rosesunfeng
    Clean and convenient
  • spring819
    In the alley, the restaurant overlooks the landscape, overall okay
  • fayespeer
    Housing facility slightly old, front desk was warm, near the forbidden city Tiananmen Square attractions, housing still pretty nervous.
  • youjun61
    Hotel Services patient rooms are clean, the facility is old. five-floor sky garden, feeling good. to Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, the drum tower, gongwangfu, shichahai, nanluogu Xiang, close to Metro station away, bus travel more convenient. unique beach Street is a residential alley, narrower noisy.
  • iceolive78
    Good location, quiet.
  • eftryui123
    Transportation is quite convenient, eat, live,
  • roy1973
    Hotel also is is good, in Street behind is clean, room Pack is clean of, is room in no WiFi only Hall has, door saw many foreigners are sat in ground, hotel in Jingshan Park East opposite alley in! live that morning can followed Beijing morning of elderly door play without buy tickets, listening to with they propaganda side climbed to mountain, see whole Palace is addition a taste!
  • loen80
  • mytemp
    Well there is no big bed room
  • deyi1986
    Very good, got very close, certainly, to a company meeting, at our headquarters, across the street, on the edge of the alley there is a halal restaurant, eat early, very good!
  • frobel
    Because it is in the alley, the surrounding environment, in and out of cars are not easy, but the yard is quite big hotel belongs to the naozhongqujing
  • Baby treasure
    Hardware facilities are old and service made up for the lack of hardware.
  • aabbcome
    Well next time will stay